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2015-2019 Ford Transit

We are currently offering free radio installation labor with the Sony XAV-AX6000 Radio.

*Make sure you read the entire page and watch the videos at the bottom to avoid having to place a 2nd order after you take your car apart.

Radio Mounting Kit

This kit is designed to hold a standard double din radio.  It holds the radio in place and also fills the open space left after removing your radio.  It is painted to match the finish of your dashbord.

Radio Wiring Harness

This comes with a wire harness that mates to the factory harness that came with your car from the factory.  It also has a can bus reader and a steering wheel control interface built it.

This harness provides the new radio with the following wires that the factory radio handles through computer signals. Switched 12, Illumination, Parking brake, Reverse signal & Vehicle Speed Sense.

This harness is the same as the one above but is also has a chime box that keeps the factory chimes in the car.  The chimes are usually produced by the factory radio.

This is the harness that you use if your car had a fiber optic amplifier.  The chimes are handled by the amplifier so the chime box is not needed.

PNP Plug and Play Converter

This part converts the connection of the “Radio wiring Harness” above into the connection that can be connected into your new wire watthour cutting any wires. Some radios come wit the same connection above. came with your new radio (if your radio is compatible).   If the radio you are installing has the same connection you may be able to use this PNP converter to connect directly to your new radio without cutting a single wire.

With our buying the “Radio Wiring Harness” below this part alone will not connect your new radio to your BMW

Steering wheel control programmer.

Add this wire to the main harness below to activate the ability to use you  factory controls on your steering wheel to control the new aftermarket radio.  It is not included with the harness below.

You need to buy this and add it to the “Radio Wiring Harness” below if you want your steering wheel controls to work.  If you do not have steering wheel controls or don’t care if they work then do not buy this.

AM/FM Antenna Adapter

This antenna adapter converts the European style antenna connection into the universal Motorola style antenna connector used by most aftermarket radios.

Radio Mounting Kit


There are 2 radio mounting kits available depending on the radio your car came with.
1 Cars without a CD player have the screen built into the radio between the clock and mute buttons.
2. Cars with a CD player have the screen separate from the radio in the plastic panel above.