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*See the bottom if this page for installation and radio removal videos.

Why Buy from us?

  • We redesigned the radio mounting kit so that you do not have to cut the dash board in your Audi R8.  You can’t buy that anywhere else.
  • All of our radios wiring harnesses include our Can Bus box.  That means you never have to find reverse or illumination in your car.  We add it to the maestro harness for this reason.  What’s the point of spending the money to upgrade your radio if you’re not getting the best sound out of it.
  • All of our harnesses include our HILO box.  They give the factory amplifier the proper voltage it is looking for and make it sound much better.  Just google “HILO box” and see the reviews on our Audi products with the HILO box.  If you doubt us order the harness with a plug and play converter and hear the difference without it.  You have 60 days to return it if you don’t think it makes a huge difference.
  • We make all the custom parts for your car listed below.
  • You can also call us to ask us questions before and after you purchase.

Radio Wiring Harness

If your radio is IDatalink Maestro ready use the SRWH-R8.  If your radio is not Maestro compatible use the SRWH-AUD3-HILO

 The factory radio output is about 6-8 Volts. Most aftermarket radios have a 2-4V output, so the factory amp receives a much lower signal than the factory radio was sending. If your radio has 5V outputs, both our harnesses include the HILO to get better sound out of your new radio. The smaller box is the CAN box. It handles all the steering wheel controls (with a SWCL) without any of the programming problems that some of the competition has especially with the rolling steering wheel controls. The controls supported are Voice dial/Pickup call/Hang up call/ Volume up/Volume down/ song up/song down. The small box also reads the cars CAN-BUS signal and provides switched 12 (turns the radio on and off), illumination (dims the radio when you turn on your lights) Parking brake (tells the radio your parking brake is up to unlock security features), Reverse (tells the radio you are in reverse so that the new radio knows to switch to the reverse screen) and VSS(Vehicle speed sense tells the radio how fast you are going to improve accuracy especially when you lose GPS signal).

The SRWH-R8 adds the iDatalink Maestro features to our SRWH-AUD3-HILO harness.  Our SRWH-R8 harness also incudes our small can bus box to provide the reverse and illumination.  The Maestro box does not read reverse and illumination on all R8’s.  The Steering wheel controls are also quicker and have zero lag because they are transmitted through data on Maestro ready radios.

If you already have a Maestro box or wish to compare the sound with our HILO box we sell the harness without the main box.


Steering Wheel Control Programmer

If you order the SRWH-AUD3-HILO you will need this wire to program the steering wheel controls. The SRWH-R8 does not need this cable.


Plug and Play Converter

This harness connects to the main harness above on one end and the other end connects directly into you new radio.  In most cases you don’t have to splice any wires.


Radio Mounting Kit

This part hold the radio in place and fills the gaps around the radio for a factory finish.

AM/FM Antenna adapter

The factory antenna in your car is not the same shape as your aftermarket radio.  These adapters convert the shape and power the factory antenna booster in the rear of the car.

Reverse camera retention harness


Your car has a factory reverse camera.  This cable allows you to keep the factory reverse camera with an aftermarket radio.  It is made specifically for the R8 and connects to the reverse camera module behind the drivers seat.


Factory Fit Microphone

This part is made to fit in your cars factory microphone location.  Not only will you get better sound quality but since it is mounted behind the factory panel you will not have to see an ugly mic hanging off your headliner.  On the R8 we only recommend this with Pioneer radios due to the acoustics of the car.  If you order a Sony radio from us we can use the mic that is included with the Sony radio to fit in the plastic housing.

SiriusXM Antenna Adapter

All 1st Gen R8 had a factory SiriusXM radio.  The cable is made specifically for the R8 to reuse the factory antenna with the aftermarket tuner below.

All SiriusXM ready radios require this external tuner in order to listen to SirusXM.

GPS Antenna Adapter

All aftermarket radios with GPS or Wireless CarPlay/Android Auto come with an external GPS antenna.
All 2008-2015 Audi R8’s came with a factory GPS radio that has a factory GPS antenna that you can use with your aftermarket radio using this adapter.

Radio Removal Keys

These are the keys we recommend when removing the radio in the R8. We have these keys specifically for the Audi R8 since they do not hit the trim piece around the radio when being used.

Panel Pry Tools

These tools come in handy when removing the cars interior trim.


These are the radios we recommend for your car.


Explanation video of the no cut kit.


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