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Volkswagen Golf 2010-2014
Volkswagen GTI 2010-2014
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Volkswagen Jetta Sportwagen 2010-2015 (the Sportwagen dashboard and center console is the same as a Golf)

*See the bottom if this page for installation and radio removal videos.

Radio Installation kit

This kit includes a radio and all the parts needed for installation.

  • 2006-2015 Volkswagen Radio Installation Package

    From: Original price was: $499.99.Current price is: $399.99.

    Our radio package includes your choice of radio and all the parts needed to install that specific radio plus a discount.
    The package includes the radio, radio wiring harness, steering wheel programmer (if needed), plug and play converter, AM/FM antenna adapter, radio mounting kit and microphone housing.
    Just answer the questions and we will take care of the rest.

Radio Wiring Harness

Plug and Play Converter

The harnesses below have an ISO connector instead of bare wires on the end of them.  This plug and play converter will go straight into some radios without cutting a single wire.  Check the google sheet on this products page to see if your radio will connect directly of of you will need to buy a converter to do a plug and play easy peasy installation.

Steering wheel Control Programmer

If you order the SRWH-VW07-B below you will need to order one of these programmers in order to tell it what radio brand you are installing.  Super easy programming.  Just plug it in. No computers, Nintendo secret codes or flashing lights.

Main Radio wiring harness with steering wheel control interface built in 

This harness connects to your factory wiring and provides the wires needed to install an aftermarket radio.  Some of the wires needed to install an aftermarket radio are communicated through CAN bus. The small box is a CAN bus translator. The following wires are transmitted from the car to the radio through computer signals: Swithched12v, Illumination, Reverse, Parking brake and Vehicle Speed Sense. the small box reads two twisted wires CAN+ and CAN- and translates them into analog signals your new radio can read.  It also translates the factory steering wheel controls into a signal your new radio can understand.

This is the same as the SRWH-VW07-B above but the electronics that translate the steering wheel controls have been turned off.

Super Premium Main Radio wiring harness Built with IDatalink Maestro.

This is overkill for most of you.  This harness is made using an iDatalink Maestro RR or RR2 box and a custom harness made by us to make it compatible with our plug and play interfaces. This is just a harness not a whole kit including the parts below.  Its this expensive because it has a mini computer that communicates with a maestro ready radios using a special data port.  Also turns on your Fender or Dynaudio amplifier.

Radio Mounting Kit

A radio mounting kits hold the radio in place and fills the gaps around the radio for a factory finish.  Our kits are made of a thicker plastic than most of our competitors and we also have 3 different color options to match your interior.  If you order a kit please post picture to help everyone else.
Just to complicate things we have 3 different radio mounting kits.

The original 

This is our original dash kit.  It has been a customer favorite for years and its is still the best kit on the market.  It comes with a radio mounting cage and side brackets ehat ensure the radio sits perfectly flush in the face. But it has a 10MM lip that makes some modern radios look sunk in.  (see below)

Shallow faced radios A few years back screens started getting thinner radio manufactures started making some radios with shallow faces.  The face is the part around the screen that sticks out of the front of the radio.  its usually not as wide or as tall as the back of the radio (the chassis).  For this reason we had to make a shallow faced Kit.

The shallow one

This is our shallow faced radio mounting kit.  It has a thinner lip for radios with shallow faces.  It also uses metal side brackets instead of a  mounting cage.  This radio mounting kit can be used with almost any radio.  It’s also a better choice for radios that have a floating screen and radios that have a double-din face and a single din chassis.  The original is still my choice if your radio does not have a shallow face.

The shallow mic holder

We also recognized that not everyone wants to remove their a pillars to run a mic to the factory location in the overhead panel.  This radio mounting kit has a mounting location for out custom mic designed just for this dash kit.  It makes for a super easy microphone installation whthout having an ugly microphone on your dashboard.  It also reduces feedback since its hidden from the cars speaker.

Microphone for the radio mounting kit above

We put his here because  most do not see it when we put it on the product page.  The mic for “The shallow mic holder” is sold separately and this is it.

AM/FM Antenna adapter

There are 3 different AM/FM  antenna adapters for these cars.  One has two wires in two separate connectors, one has two wires in one plastic connector and one had one wire only.

All touchscreen radios have two wires in one connector. Also the non touchscreen radio with MEDIA button.

All radios without a touchscreen that have a SAT button on the face have two wires on two separate connectors.

All radios without a touchscreen that do not have a SAT button on the face have one wire on one connector.


Custom Factory Fit Microphone

This part is made to fit in your cars factory microphone location.  Not only will you get better sound quality but since it is mounted behind the factory panel you will not have to see an ugly mic hanging off your headliner.

Custom USB and AUX ports

In front of your gear shifter you have some blank spaces.  You can remove these blanks and insert a USB extension cable that is molded specifically for your car.  We also have the matching aux port.  2 USB ports can be used with a minor modification.

SiriusXM Antenna Adapter

Cars with a touchscreen radio that have a SAT button on the face (and all touchscreen navigation radios) have the SiriusXM antenna behind the radio because the tuner is built into the radio.

Cars without a touchscreen radio that have a SAT button on the face (and all navigation radios that do not have a touchscreen) have the SiriusXM antenna under the passengers seat.  Even if you do not have a tuner the car is prewired and the green antenna connector is there.

This is the sirius tuner needed.

GPS Antenna Adapter

If your car had a shark fin antenna and your car came with the MFD2 navigation radio, the antenna also has a GPS antenna built into it.  This cable is routed to the back of the radio.  This adapter allows you to use the antenna on the rood for better signal.  (many radios without built in GPS use a GPS antenna to improve navigation through your phone so check your radio.)

Backup Camera


If your car has a backup camera built into the VW logo you need to send us your vin umber.

If your car has a backup camera built black grab handle in the Jetta Sportwagen or Golf Wagon (non US) this is the part needed to keep the factory camera.

If you are installing any aftermarket camera that is not the one that is built into the VW logo you will need this part to supply power to the camera.

  • Enfig SRWH-BUC


    Gives power to a backup camera when using our SRWH main harness

Panel Pry Tools

These tools come in handy when removing the cars interior trim.

Pocket to replace iPod dock or CD changer

If your car came with the factory CD changer (MFD2 Navigation radios) or the iPod dock between the seats you can replace it with this pocket to give you extra storage.

  • Enfig PKT-VW07


    This is used to replace the factory iPod dock, CD changer or Audi Music Interface AMI with a storage bin.


These are the radios that we recombed for the car.

  • Sale!

    Pioneer DMH-W4660NEX

    Original price was: $749.00.Current price is: $499.99.
  • Sale!

    Sony XAV-AX3200

    Original price was: $349.99.Current price is: $299.99.
  • Sale!

    Sony XAV-AX5600

    Original price was: $449.99.Current price is: $348.00.
  • Sale!

    Sony XAV-AX6000

    Original price was: $699.99.Current price is: $548.00.


In this video we show you how to remove the radio.

In this video we show you the radio installation process.

In this video we go in depth with the radio installation.

This is an older video with a different radio.

In this video we show you how to replace your factory MDI adapter with a storage pocket.

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